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Realtors in Leelanau MI

Realtors in Leelanau MI

Top 5 questions to ask before hiring realtors in Leelanau MI:

1. What experience do you have with other realtors in Leelanau MI?

Good relationships are a sign that a realtor is in the business for the long haul, invested in the community and reliable. These are traits that will extend to you as a buyer or seller as well. If an agent doesn’t have solid relationships with other realtors, he or she will not have as many relationships to leverage when helping you with your Leelanau County property search or with your sale.

Connecting buyers and sellers is one key aspect of what a real estate agent can do for you, and having strong realtor relationships is something that Mark Hagan Real Estate professionals pride ourselves on. Our mission is to provide the finest real estate service in Northern Michigan by displaying the most professional, ethical, honest and friendly attitude toward all – and realtors all over the state know us for this because we live and work by this mission every day.

2. What else can you tell me about living here that a Leelanau County property search on the internet cannot?

Leelanau County has some of the most scenic trails, sights and landmarks this part of the country has to offer. But most of that stuff can be found with a quick internet search. You want an agent that can show you the hidden gems, that only the locals know about. The best ways to get to and from your place of business. The getaways that the weekenders won’t crowd you out of. Those features that make Leelanau county a great place to actually live and work, not simply a great place to vacation. Good realtors in Leelanau MI are in the know with the not-so-easy to research yourself because of their experience living and working in the area themselves.

With over 3,600 families and individuals helped and over $600,000,000 in closed sales, Mark Hagan has a presence in the marketplace and proven strategies that ensure that he can sell your home for more money in a shorter period with less inconvenience to you. With this level of experience in and around Leelanau County, Mark’s team has quick mental access to things it takes competitors days to research and get back to you about.

3. What experience do you have with Leelanau County waterfront real estate?

Even if you’re not in the market for a waterfront home, having an agent with Leelanau County waterfront real estate experience is a sure sign of truly knowing the area and all that it has to offer both buyers and sellers. By working with and for waterfront buyers and sellers, the agent will have a holistic repertoire when it comes to working with and for you – not matter which side of the table you’re on. The best realtors in Leelanau MI have experience with all kinds of property, residential and commercial, waterfront and urban, palatial and empty-nesters.

At Mark Hagan real estate, our team members span the entire range, because we’re tried and true in Michigan with over 28 years experience. Mark Hagan is an award-winning, top producing real estate professional serving the Grand Traverse, Leelanau and surrounding counties and is in the top 1% of all Coldwell Banker agents internationally.

4. What experience do you have with land for sale Leelanau County?

Similar logic applies to hiring an agent with experience with buying and selling land in the area. With first-hand knowledge of land for sale, and experience brokering land deals in Leelanau County, our agents help our sellers get the most for their land sales and can inform buyers on the most competitive offers to make sure you walk away from the deal with an agreement you feel great about.

At Mark Hagan, our knowledge of the market, local trends and his effective negotiating skills, makes us uniquely qualified to assist you in purchasing the most property for the least amount of money. And if you’re wanting to build on your land, these means more money can be redirected back into your home, where you can actually see your investment working for you with each and every upgrade you choose.

5. What’s my home worth?

If you’re in the market to move and are currently looking to sell a home, you want to know what your home is worth so you know what kind of budget you’re working with for your next home. At Mark Hagan, we offer this evaluation as a free service to you. Simply fill out this short questionnaire, and we’ll give you a no cost, no obligation, and confident market evaluation.

We hope you’re feeling more confident about the questions you need to ask to hire the right realtors in Leelanau MI, and that you’ll consider giving Mark Hagan’s team an opportunity to work with you!