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Real Estate Leelanau MI

Real Estate Leelanau MI

Selling real estate in Leelanau Michigan has never been more competitive.

With its picturesque views and sweeping landscapes, the demand for real estate in Leelanau Michigan is getting higher. With each new build along the Leelanau Peninsula, real estate is becoming more saturated and with fewer homes on the market, people are willing to pay more for their chance to own one of these beautiful waterfront properties. It’s a sellers’ market!

Do you have an agent who has the experience necessary to build marketplace desire around your home and the negotiation skills to get you the most from potential buyers? But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s remember that part of this expertise comes into play before you even list your home.

Mark Hagan’s team of real estate professionals make sure you have every little detail considered to get top dollar for your home. From the staging of your home to optimize internal flow and external views, to the curb appeal, to the finishes, to the features that are popular with most buyers right now, experience in pre-listing details definitely pays. Has your agent given you tips of the trade for successful transactions in real estate? Leelanau Michigan is a competitive market, so you’ll want to be sure you work with a knowledgeable and experienced realtor to present your house in the best possible light.

We have the right tools to help you sell and buy real estate in Michigan.

For a listing of the Leelanau properties your home may be competing against, take advantage of our online property search tool. You can filter by property type, city or zip, add filters for minimum and maximum price points, the number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms, or leave these blank. If you know a listing ID number, you can also enter that in the MLS search field and find all the details associated with that particular property.

You could see how easily your home could become a needle in a haystack for potential buyers! So once listed, a Leelanau property for sale needs to be marketed and promoted in front of as many of the right potential buyers as possible. Part of getting the most money for your home is making sure there’s buzz in the market about your particular property, not just the location it’s a part of. Does your agent know where your potential buyers are most likely to hang out online or in person?

Leelanau Peninsula Real Estate has price points that range widely, but generally considered a market with a “tight inventory.” So if you’re looking in or around Leelanau county, it’s vital that you work with an agent who will work tirelessly in your favor. Someone who understands your needs and desires, but that you can also trust to stay on top of the market changes and move quickly to meet your goals. For example, with its relatively small inventory, real estate in Leelanau Michigan is highly competitive because multiple offers are almost always at play.

No matter if you’re buying or selling, you need an agent who is committed to providing the finest real estate service in Leelanau Michigan by displaying the most professional, ethical, honest, and friendly attitude toward all. You’re in luck, because this is the mission statement that Mark Hagan real estate professionals live and work by for Leelanau, and all of Northern Michigan.

Leelanau real estate buyers could be those who care about the recreational camping and boating opportunities. They could be those who are into the festivals or wineries or orchards nearby. Is your perfect buyer a vacationer or someone who wants to live there year-round? What are his or her interests? Capturing these are just one aspect of promoting and marketing your home in the right places and with the right audiences.

Mark Hagan is experienced in finding clients the home they’re looking for.

Once you have established leads, does your agent have the negotiation skills to get you top dollar for your real estate in Leelanau MI? Are you confident you’re going to get the most you can for your home? These are all important considerations to make when hiring a realtor for putting up your Leelanau property for sale.

Personally, Mark Hagan has closed over $600,000,000 in sales, and he leads his team by passing on his top-notch negotiation and relationship building skills. Mark Hagan’s team has a proven track record, with 179 properties sold in 2018 and a production total of $44 million, and a cumulative total of nearly $221 million over the past four years. For the latest stats for our team’s clients, including the number of home currently under contract, our annual production totals, and the number of properties sold this year, click here.